Because of the proliferation of tackle bag copy cats and the state of the economy, we terminated the manufacturing of most Albackore Sportfishing tackle products. We are now selling our remaining stock of tackle bags and fishing gear in our warehouse at prices you can afford. Fishing products that's left in the warehouse are the Altunative soft tackle bag, large reel bags, jig keepers and lure bags, plastic fishing boxes, dropshotting clips, lake shore and ocean surf bags, and fishing tackle binders. You will find these fishing tackle products at the Albackore eBay store and Amazon stores.

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Are you looking for a soft fishing tackle bag? Find soft tackle bags, tackle boxes, fishing bags, jig keepers hard tackle bags, jig wraps, large reel bags, tackle binders, fishing waist packs,and more.

fishing tackle bagFrom the inshore to the ocean we've met your changing needs for saltwater or freshwater fishing trips. On lakes, oceans, and rivers Albackore Fishing Tackle Bags are the higest quality and what you need for your next fishig trip. Albackore fishing tackle bags were designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing. No other fishing tackle bag has been designed by anglers for anglers.

fishing tackle boxesOur surf fishing tackle bags solve the organize problems you encounter every day and your tackle and we can organize it for when your fishing pole gets hit by the next fish. Don't let the next one get away Fishing tackle waist packs have been designed for the surf fisherman needs. Albackore Sportfishing Gear knows it's very critical to have your fishing tackle ready when you need it!.

salt water tackleWe’ve designed many unique solutions and these innovations woke the fishing tackle industry up. Since then, many larger fishing tackle manufacturers went on to design products using modular components, adjustable shelves, changeable color-coded latches on their utility boxes. We set the bar in 2001 and the rest of the industry followed Albackore Sportfishing Gear's lead.