TN: 2011 Montaria, Portugal, Antonio Ventura

Portugal is now producing some of the best value red quaffing wines on market today. This gem from Portugal, produced by Antonio Ventura, is no exception.  

The Montaria is a blend of several local wine varietals, which gives the wine superior complexity for such an inexpensive price.  Although the nose seemed a little bit angular for me, black cherry and ripe blackberry fruit assaults the mouth in a pleasant way.

Antonio’s 2011 Montaria one was a little bit rough for me although I do like big, tannic reds, lately I’ve been looking for wines with a little more bursts of fruit on the nose.  On the nose, I got charcoal, ash, wet stone, and dark blackberries.  On the palate, lots of blackberries and blueberries throughout.  Black pepper and tar.  Sm-oaky goodness with a burnt match finish.  I think this was a very nice structured wine for 3.5 stars, but the wife absolutely loved it for 4.5 stars – hence the rating.  I think this will improve given more time in the bottle and/or the glass.

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