Freshly Review Part 2A : The Entrees – Seafood Risotto

As you may have seen, there’s several new fresh (cooked) food delivery services available to people that are short on time or just lazy or tired of cooking like me. FRESHLY is one such company and their offer to “first time customers” looked good enough to give it a try. The “unboxing” of my first Freshly order can be found Freshly Review Part 1: The Unboxing.

NOTE: I will attempt to focus my reviews on the facts using photos, visual perspective, nutritional statements, and actual ingredients. It’s impossible to leave out subjective comments from an entree’s taste and quality, but I’ll try to keep the bias to a minimum. I purchased this product outright; receiving no compensation and you will not find any referral or affiliate links. I may provide direct links to websites for your ease. Don’t bother correcting me on my grammar, I just don’t care.

I ordered the following items from Freshly:


  • Seafood Risotto

  • Homestyle Meatloaf

  • Grilled Flat Iron Steak

  • Southwest Chicken Bowl

  • Roasted Balsamic Chicken

  • Southern-Style BBQ Pork Chop



Let’s start with the Seafood Risotto …

Exactly as delivered, still packaged: (more detail below)

Below: Package opened, entree plated with some respect, and cooked exactly per directions in a microwave oven:




Risotto : firm, good Calories / from Fat : 520/230 DV
Sauce : thick, creamy Total Fat (g) : 25 38%
Shrimp : perfect, not rubbery Saturated Fat (g) : 11 55%
Scallops : perfect, not rubbery Trans Fat (g) : 0
Mushrooms : lost in the sauce
Asparagus : mostly tender Cholesterol (mg) : 155 52%
Sodium (mg) : 640 41%
First Visual Impression : shrimp look beautiful Carbohydrates : 43 14%
First Taste Impression : bland Protein : 32 16%

The Directions: Very simple and were followed exactly as suggested. After cooking, I thought the meal looked appealing but my wife disagreed. Hey, it’s risotto! Taste and texture described above – I won’t go into that any further.

The Good: I liked the flavors. No MSG added. Although the meal looked small it was adequate for a dinner, especially when eaten slowly. I would order this again.

The Bad: The nutrition. The fat calories should equal around 25% of total calories. Cholesterol is through the roof – more than half of your daily intake. Sodium is extremely high for a single meal. For those with high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart conditions, I don’t think this is the meal for you.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow’s meal is: Homestyle Meatloaf

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